Alliance Pallet and Recycle

Alliance is a growing company with many goals of cleaning up the environment one step at a time

We have so much to offer now we have open our services to the public as requested. We were getting so much demand we didn't want to miss out on the opportunity to not only work with businesses but also our everyday folks just like you! Here is what we are offering:


. wood pallets to build fences

. wood pallets for tree houses and club houses

. wood pallets for outside porches

. wood pallets to start a new garden for your garden beds

. wood pallets for bonfires

. wood pallets to build outdoor furniture


And much more call for details on pricing or submit your order through our contact form. Call for more information if you have questions on this process! No walk ins by appointment only!

Residential Customers must have a Minimum Order of 10+ pallets in order to process your order and request